Canberra’s Small Demolition Experts

It’s hammer time – demolition style. If you are looking to install a new bathroom, kitchen or need to carry out more extensive renovations, the demolition team at Primary Earthworks can bring everything back to it’s shell without a glitch.

What do we demolish?

We specialise in small (light) demolitions for residential and commercial properties. This includes:

  • Bathroom renovations
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Garages, sheds, carports
  • Pool demolition
  • Outdoor demolition
  • Office, retail or home strip outs
  • Office partitioning
  • Wall removal
  • Carpet or tile removal
  • Public structures
  • Removal of asbestos (WARA 2104) & other hazardous material


Demolitions are a messy exercise – that’s just the nature of it. We work to minimise any disruptions, and after the dust settles you can rest assured we will tidy up and leave your space spotlessly clean.

We don’t just demolish, we also take care of your rubbish removal whether it’s household rubbish or garden waste, so we leave nothing left lying around.

How our demolitions work

With any type of demolition project we start by prioritising on safety. This includes ensuring relevant services are disconnected, council approvals are in place along with any Worksafe notifications.

Once we have the green light we will remove any hazardous waste and materials that can be recycled for future use.

Then it’s demolition time. We work to minimise the impact of your demolition to your surrounding neighbourhood by having strategies in place to manage dust, noise and any disruption to traffic.

Once the hard stuff is out of the way, we will remove all the rubble so that you have a fresh blank canvas to get started on. If your demolition is outdoors, we will prepare your site to ensure it is levelled correctly to commence the next phase of your project.

Why you should leave demolitions to the pros

On the surface demolitions sound like fun – it’s a childhood dream to knock things down isn’t it? But if it’s not handled correctly, you could be putting yourself and others at risk. Having the right gear and knowing how to use it correctly is essential, and an expensive exercise in itself.

Demolitions are tough work and time consuming for the inexperienced. The older the property the more delicate the job at hand. If you are only demolishing a single room, then particular care must be taken to avoid damage to the other structures within the building. That’s why it makes sense to get the experts in to tackle the job for you.

Keeping waste away from landfill

With any demolition project, Primary Earthworks aims to keep as much of the waste out of landfill sites. Where possible we will recycle scrap metal, separate brick and concrete to be recycled into road base, resell any quality wood for other uses, and collect green waste to be decomposed into mulching products. By doing this we are minimising the environmental impact of your demolition.

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